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What is Pilates?

This exercise system was designed to re-define and re-align the body by using all of the muscles with complete control. You can create a lean, toned body, have a flat stomach, smaller waist and fantastic posture without sweating or losing breath! Pilates is a series of 34 matwork non-aerobic exercises that improve muscle tone, strength, flexibility, posture and balance by concentrating on the core (stomach and back) of the body. It works the internal stabilising muscles, which often get left out with other exercise routines, and therefore works from the inside out. It was originally devised by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate the injured and enhance the performance of dancers and athletes.

What are the aims and benefits of Pilates?

Improved muscle tone, strength and flexibility
Improved balance by muscular endurance gains
Improved posture by strengthening postural muscles
Improved movement control by muscular co-ordination
Reduced waist and clothes size by muscle toning
Reduced stress to the limbs by core strengthening
Reduced back problems by spinal muscle strengthening
Reduced incontinence by associated pelvic floor tightening

How are the exercises performed?

Matwork Pilates is done on a mat and involves learning 34 breath-synchronised movements whilst using various principles including centring, co-ordinating, controlling and breathing techniques taught at each class. You will be taught to use abdominal control via the breath to initiate and execute the moves, and learn to perform these exercises in a smooth and controlled way.