I took out a Career Development Loan with Barclays to finance this course. The way this works is they give you the money up front to pay for the course and you don't have to start paying anything back for two years by which time you will have qualified and be earning enough to make the repayments. There is a choice of repayment periods and a very preferential interest rate.

There were a few initial delays with my application for the loan due to a laborious system of having to send forms backwards and forwards between the training provider the bank and myself. I sent mine to the wrong people in the wrong order (an easy mistake to make with this system) and this did slow the application process. However, once all the forms were in the right place the money was paid without delay. (I seem to recall that the money is paid directly to the training provider). This slight delay in paying for the course did not significantly affect my progress on the course.