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Successful students will be awarded a level III certificate in Pilates matwork entitled the "Pilates Instructor Award"

This certificate is the only vocational qualification of it's kind in the UK.

The certificate will last a lifetime. There are no renewals necessary, no extra monies to pay out, no hidden costs, and no hours of unpaid teaching practice before certification. Once you receive certification you are free to continuously teach the Pilates technique.

Students must pass the theory exam and pass the practical exams to achieve certification. Full details of these exams will be provided once you are registered onto the course and preparing for examination.


The course costs 2,400.

Payment Options
After the initial deposit of 25% (600), monthly schemes are available, however the exam cannot be taken until 100% payment is received.
There are eight sections to the course, and although they are of differing length they each cost 300.
Each payment will prompt the dispatch of the next portion of your training. 
If you wish to pay in full then you will receive the whole course pack immediately.

We are registered with the DfES (Department for Education and Skills) who provide Career Development Loans to those wanting a loan to pay for course fees. 

For trainee feedback of obtaining this loan click here

What are the benefits of this qualification vs. other qualifications?.

  • Rigorous procedures are adhered to in the way it is assessed such as examination papers and video assessments securely kept, internal and external verification procedure checks are carried out to assure quality control, as well as appeals procedures and equal opportunities being available to all students.
  • The certificate includes security features to guard against forgery .
  • The certificate is recognised as evidence of the applicant's knowledge and understanding of Pilates and the responsibilities associated with being an instructor.