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Pilates is for all to try.

An idealistic approach would be that all the applicants have had direct experience of regularly attending Pilates classes/sessions. Whilst Perfect Balance can provide all the knowledge needed, a student with a wider approach will, in the end, determine their success as teacher.

We ask that you take part in a Pilates class before you sign up for the course. This will give you the opportunity to assess your suitability and to see if you will be able to perform the exercises.

We reserve the right to decline an application to sign up for a course.

Our approach to Pilates is that we base our success on being at the cutting edge of Pilates development and taking an innovative approach to presenting Perfect Balance Pilates. Our team of experienced instructors will always ensure that all the participants have the benefit of a varied range of teaching styles. The main thread of the teaching is consistency, which some clients will find hard to achieve in the event that they change Instructor.

The core instructions, body position and breathing remains constant, the flair and style of the individual are an added bonus to those being taught.
This mode of training participants eradicates the problems immediately. This is highlighted by the way some students, working with one teacher for a period of time, pick up all the strengths and weaknesses of their teacher and fail to flourish as an individual.

We train students in Pilates mat work and also offer a range of development courses: -

  Pilates in Sport 
Pilates for Rehabilitation
Pilates in Dance
Pilates Marketing
Pilates Business Planning

After gaining a qualification in Pilates matwork, we then follow up with on site visits to the Instructors classes and ensure that they are happy with what they have achieved.

After the end of the formal tuition sessions Perfect Balance Mentors will either assist or observe at a class held by the student.
Mentoring will guide the newly qualified instructor through teaching and marketing and increase the instructor's confidence in the art and ability of Pilates training.

If it is felt to be of benefit to the student, additional one to one teaching can be arranged although this will incur additional costs.
Throughout the Mentoring period there is a stream of continuous feedback between student, teaching staff and Directors.

To receive an application form please contact us