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Student Information & Employment

The period of time between a student startig the Matwork course and gaining Certification is approx. 4-8 months. Once the tuition sessions are completed, a written examination covering the history, practical, theory, physiology and anatomy and a practical examination covering all 34 exercises will be taken. Once the student has successfully attained the Certification, we then begin the optional practical period of supervised teaching. This is where they can add an honours to their certificate.

Perfect Balance is unique in the way that a Mentor can help a student through the learning cycle. The responsibility is upon the student to organise the hours with our Mentors. The role of Mentors is to support the student through the "doing it for yourself" process and give them continuous feedback if they wish.

Achieving Certification is not the end of the learning experience. We will always encourage students, with the required qualification, to train in further workshops.

We believe that all teachers should continue the learning process throughout their career, regardless of their achievements. Perfect Balance believes that it is a vital part of their professional development process to gain further knowledge. In this respect, we will run regular events and seminars, in which all students and teachers will be kept fully informed.

We are constantly consulting others with regard to medical research, advanced techniques, new exercises and new refreshing ideas to help with physical adaptations for specific medical conditions.

Work opportunities
From time to time, we look to recruit Pilates Instructors from within our own successful database. After all, we trained you and so we know what you can do!

In order to work with us we will ask that you sign a Code of Practice and undertake a minimum level of professional development work. You will require at least 200 hours of class instruction.

No constraints, limitations on class size or fees will be levied once you achieve Certification. We only asked that you make your classes accessible to people from all walks of life.

In the UK, Pilates is regarded as generic term and is available for anyone to use, qualified or not. We encourage all qualified students to highlight that they are Perfect Balance Pilates qualified as this denotes a recognised level of quality and professional competence.

We do not charge a fee to use the Perfect Balance name. However, only Certified Perfect Balance Pilates Instructors can legally use it in any literature.