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These are the 34 Pilates exercises.


There are short video clips of each exercise intended to give an insight into what it's all about.

These exercises are to be performed with all the Pilates principles involved in the technique.

If you use these clips as a refresher to perform at home, please ask your instructor for advice on recommended repetitions for each exercise.

Please do not attempt these exercises without prior advice from a Pilates instructor. 

If you have not done Pilates before and are not a fit and healthy individual, you may need modifications to these exercises. If you are in any doubt of your abilities please seek the advice of a doctor and a Pilates instructor before you attempt any of these exercises.

You can obtain " RealPlayer" free of charge from real.com by clicking here and following the links to download your free RealPlayer.

The 34 Pilates Exercises . . . just click to watch
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01 The hundred 02 The roll up  03 The roll over 04 The one leg circle
05 Rolling back 06 The one leg stretch 07 The double leg stretch 08 The spine stretch
09 Rocker with open legs 10 The cork-screw 11 The saw 12 The swan dive
13 The one leg kick 14 The double kick 15 The neck pull 16 The scissors
17 The bicycle 18 The shoulder bridge 19 The spine twist 20 The jack knife
21 The side kick 22 The teaser 23 The hip twist 24 Swimming
25 The leg-pull front 26 The leg-pull 27 The side kick kneeling 28 The side bend
29 The boomerang 30 The seal 31 The crab 32 The rocking
33 The control balance 34 The push up