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The Pilates Principle

Pilates was designed to give postural muscle power and endurance of the whole body by using a strengthening and stretching exercise technique.

It is a series of 34 precise exercises that use a system of movements which are co-ordinated and controlled using breath to uniformly work the body.

Breath & mind-control are the major principles involved, with others such as duplication, balance and rhythm of motion to be learnt as you progress.

The strength gains, flexibility, core stability and posture benefits are all the rewards of regular execution of the correct technique.

Pilates is not supposed to be ultra relaxing, spiritual, or use fancy visualisations, it is a body changing program meant to train the muscles to work in alignment.

Each exercise has its own set of rules, own set way of breathing and own set reason for being the way it is.

The complete system is designed to strengthen and stretch as you go.

Pilates is hard work and you will need to concentrate at first until you get used to the way you have to move your body.

It is not expected that you are able to achieve the full versions of each exercise but staying at a low level for any length of time is only for the frail or back rehabilitation sessions.